Valkyries Fall

The final battle begins now!

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Valkyries Fall is a retro style text based MMoRPG with a Norse mythology theme, similar to those you may have found popular through the early years of the internet. What We're trying to achieve here is a sense of nostalgia, but using latest technology to bring you the best experience. A mixture between the old and the new. We're always open to suggestions and are constantly making updates!



Datacentre Move

On the 14th November 2022, Our server provider will be carrying out a server move. We unfortunately have a server that will be mov…


Second (belated) Birthday

Turns out that i missed the games second birthday! How dare I?!

I have added event time and sale for a week in celebration.




Positive Tweaking

  • Removed the mission diamond restriction until i can find a permanant solution.
  • Event time from purchases is now applied immediate…


New server plus some fixes

Today we finally made the last steps for what the game redevelopment was about. Which was to move it to a server with different ar…

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