Valkyries Fall

The final battle begins now!

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Valkyries Fall is a retro style text based MMoRPG with a Norse mythology theme, similar to those you may have found popular through the early years of the internet. What We're trying to achieve here is a sense of nostalgia, but using latest technology to bring you the best experience. A mixture between the old and the new. We're always open to suggestions and are constantly making updates!



New Servers

Yesterday we made a switch to a new service provider. The old server had a critical hardware failure and the provider refused to f…


Gunnr Buff

Gunnrs rewards have been buffed 10x. They should now be "worthwhile" to kill. See the help page for details.


New Community Tool

Two players, Rouxgaroux and Malum, have made a handy little tool for calculating your exp and gold gains. You can find it on the h…


Hotfix for Randgrid

Fixed an issue with Revenant classes hitting rnadgrid. Those with pre-fight damage abilities could 1-hit them.Pre-fight damage aga…

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