Valkyries Fall

The final battle begins now!

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Valkyries Fall is a retro style text based MMoRPG with a Norse mythology theme, similar to those you may have found popular through the early years of the internet. What We're trying to achieve here is a sense of nostalgia, but using latest technology to bring you the best experience. A mixture between the old and the new. We're always open to suggestions and are constantly making updates!



QoL and such

When Auto Attacking, it will now tell you how many auto's are remaining in the tab title. So you can see if you need to come back …


Donations thoughout December

Throughout the whole month of December, 10% of all donations made to the game (after PayPal fees) will be donated to the Mind Char…


Alliance Exp gains (again)

I have re-done tax for alliances in a different way as to prevent to plethora of issues we had initially. Now, as you play, the ta…


Alliance Bonus Gains fix

Fixed resource bonus gains not actually adding to gain multipliers when collecting resources.

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