Valkyries Fall

The final battle begins now!

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Valkyries Fall is a retro style text based MMoRPG with a Norse mythology theme, similar to those you may have found popular through the early years of the internet. What We're trying to achieve here is a sense of nostalgia, but using latest technology to bring you the best experience. A mixture between the old and the new. We're always open to suggestions and are constantly making updates!



Explanation of game outage

Today we experienced an outage in the game, in which is now resolved. I thought I'd take a few minutes now to explain what happene…


Another Slew of random Changes

Alliance and Settlement Top lists have been added. Top lists has had a small redesign to make the navigation look a bit more frien…


Performance updates and auto gains

Now, by default every new player starts with 50 autos. Any player who had under 50 auto's now has 50. Anyone with over 50 was awar…



Chat channel notifications will now only show up to 100 unread messages as thats the maximum message size of a channel. Added a de…

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