Valkyries Fall


QoL and such

25 November 2020

When Auto Attacking, it will now tell you how many auto's are remaining in the tab title. So you can see if you need to come back and refresh your actions!

Grammatical fixes to auto and bonus action numbers.

Fixed an alliance tax display issue for pending taxes above a certain number.

Terms of Use has been updated.

Abuse of multiple accounts has led to some unfair gameplay. Many discussions were had both privately and publicly with the community regarding this. I was running an honour system, to which most adhered to. Those that didn't gained unfair advantages and this now stops.

Tooling has been created for Admins and Moderators to monitor those with too many accounts.

Moderators can now jail (temp ban) a character or characters infringing on this rule. Ready for me, the Admin, to permanantly ban when available to do so.

This has been an ongoing conversation for quite a while. So why did it take so long to implement something? I created something that extracts your original IP and is visible through VM or Proxy to also catch those that may attempt to circumvent this rule.

If you have too many accounts, message Hazonko so that the "correct" ones can be banned. If you don't, in a weeks time (1st December) I'll just be swinging that banhammer.

Here's to a fair game with a great community!

Donations thoughout December

23 November 2020

Throughout the whole month of December, 10% of all donations made to the game (after PayPal fees) will be donated to the Mind Charity in the UK.

Why Mind?

Mind is a mental health charity. With the effect of the Coronavirus and lockdowns and everything else inbetween, 2020 has had quite a detrimental effect to most people's mental health in one way or another. The Holiday season is also the worst time of year for those with mental health issues.

Also, without Mind, I wouldn't be here today and none of you would be on this website enjoying my game. This charity is close to heart for me.

Not only do mind help those with mental health issues, they help the families of those who have suffered loss because of mental health. They have been there for the families of several people in my life that are no longer with us.

They do amazing work and I'd like to do what I can to help give back.

Alliance Exp gains (again)

23 November 2020

I have re-done tax for alliances in a different way as to prevent to plethora of issues we had initially. Now, as you play, the taxes will stack up and you have to then manually deposit them into the alliance when you want to.
Why? Automatically doing it before caused issues where multiple people updated alliance at the same time causing race exceptions and inaccuracies when updating the alliance with the new values. It's annoying, I know, but I'm afraid it is what it is.

I know I said I was going to add donating levels for alliance experience. While I have developed this, I commented it out. This is because it would cause certain alliances to grow way ahead and gain an advantage that no one could ever catch up to. I may reintroduce this with limitations in place, but needs to be figured out first.

Alliance bonuses weren't affecting raid rewards correctly. This has been fixed.

Altered the variable types within alliances to change it so that instead of a max level of 334 (because of maximum number for type). Alliance level is now near infinite (1.8 trillion levels to be more precise, which could never be reached).

Fixed an issue reported by Ajezior that prevented an alliance from being disbanded if there were no other members.

Styling tweaks to alliance to tidy it up a little.

Alliance Bonus Gains fix

11 November 2020

Fixed resource bonus gains not actually adding to gain multipliers when collecting resources.

Alliance Donations

10 November 2020

Gold and resources can now be donated to alliances. Exp is still being worked on.


Hotfixed in a change to show current gold/resources when donating to alliances.

Quest/Special Location Hotfix

09 November 2020

Implemented a quick hotfix for an issue that made it impossible to access the Valhalla special location if you'd completed 0 Quests. Was skipping a check if you had unlocked the teleport quest and just showing it as available (even though you couldnt do it) and therefore hiding the Valhalla entrance button.

Alliance Taxation

05 November 2020

Im sad to say that I've had to revert a part of the last update. The alliance taxation had a few issues as you all know, but there was a larger underlying issue that hasn't surfaced yet, but will do soon enough. So i put a stop to it before something real bad could happen.

I'll be working on a permanant fix for the issue, even if it just means making it so donations are what drives alliance progression in the future.

Ideas welcome as always and I shall always endeavour to give you all the best experience i can.


Alliance Progression

02 November 2020

Alliance Progression

Alliance leaders can now introduce a tax to it's members.

These taxes are used to progress the Alliance.

Exp tax helps to raise the level of the alliance. 1,000 player exp taxed = 1 alliance exp. Raising the alliances level aquires an upgrade point, used for upgrades.

Gold and resource taxes add these currencies to the alliance and are used for buildings.

Alliance Upgrades

There are currently 3 alliance upgrades and they used upgrade points to increase.

Increase maximum members, increasing member mission rewards and increasing member auto attacks are what's available.

Alliance Buildings

There are 9 buildings that can be upgraded using gold and resources. These all benefit individual player progression within the alliance.

There are 5 buildings for each resource, a building to increase settlement troop offensives, and buildings to upgrade exp/gold/skill % boosts.

Beast and mission rewards are not taxed.


Secondary Class

Now, When you get to Rebirth 15, you can choose a secondary class. This will allow you to choose from one of the 2 remaining classes you haven't chosen yet.

Secondary classes cost 3x as much in terms of rebirth points per upgrade. Also costs 3 times as much to select the class, hence why its rebirth 15, when you have 3,000 points again. This is because it not being primary, its more difficult for you to learn the perks that you're not naturally able to get ;)

I will NOT make it so you can get all 3 classes in the future, so make your choice wisely. This adds another way to create variation to players in game.


Other Changes/Additions

Fixed name changes not actually charging you diamonds.

Grammar fix to rank numbers on rank help page.

Added member counts for alliances to the alliance top lists.

rewrote moderator players online tool to be 120x faster at loading.

With the above change, I was also able to add in a counter for players online, players online recently and total players to the games interface. This is below the chat channels. It's not live data and is updated periodically.

Fixed an issue with special item relations to the player. This did not affect players, but has still been corrected.

Fixed an issue with power stones bought with Valkyrie Shards not applying the appropriate relation to the player and causing it not to work.

Explanation of game outage

21 October 2020

Today we experienced an outage in the game, in which is now resolved. I thought I'd take a few minutes now to explain what happened.

We had what's called an Arithmetic Overflow Exception. Essentially this means that a tables Identity column had outgrown the boundaries of an integer (2147483648). That means that over time, that many rows had been added/deleted from that table.

I wrote a script to reseed and rewrite the data to that table, thus making it possible to add data to that table again.

This issue was caused by mechanics that have already been replaced, but took a little time to cause issue. Namely the old chat system.

I have also pre-empted this issue on another table that was close and given it the same remedy.

Precautions have been made to ensure this doesnt happen again.

Another Slew of random Changes

14 October 2020

Alliance and Settlement Top lists have been added.

Top lists has had a small redesign to make the navigation look a bit more friendly.

Added ability to swap Gender for a nominal diamond fee.

Added ability to change Username for nominal diamond fee. This does log you out once changed as session is invalidated.

Added a way for f2p players to get Rank point by using their diamonds gained from playing.

Subscriptions now give 500 Rank points per month purchased.

Tarnkappe will now give a 5% additional chance to dodge while fighting.

Tarnkappe can be turned on/off in settings. Default is on. This only affects your ranking showing your stats, the dodge chance is always active.

Added some descriptive text to the Add/Change security Key in settings to make it less confusing.

Fixed issue when not logged in, but still having the game open, connects you to chat server still. This will now instead automatically redirect you back to login page.