Valkyries Fall


Explanation of game outage

21 October 2020

Today we experienced an outage in the game, in which is now resolved. I thought I'd take a few minutes now to explain what happened.

We had what's called an Arithmetic Overflow Exception. Essentially this means that a tables Identity column had outgrown the boundaries of an integer (2147483648). That means that over time, that many rows had been added/deleted from that table.

I wrote a script to reseed and rewrite the data to that table, thus making it possible to add data to that table again.

This issue was caused by mechanics that have already been replaced, but took a little time to cause issue. Namely the old chat system.

I have also pre-empted this issue on another table that was close and given it the same remedy.

Precautions have been made to ensure this doesnt happen again.

Another Slew of random Changes

14 October 2020

Alliance and Settlement Top lists have been added.

Top lists has had a small redesign to make the navigation look a bit more friendly.

Added ability to swap Gender for a nominal diamond fee.

Added ability to change Username for nominal diamond fee. This does log you out once changed as session is invalidated.

Added a way for f2p players to get Rank point by using their diamonds gained from playing.

Subscriptions now give 500 Rank points per month purchased.

Tarnkappe will now give a 5% additional chance to dodge while fighting.

Tarnkappe can be turned on/off in settings. Default is on. This only affects your ranking showing your stats, the dodge chance is always active.

Added some descriptive text to the Add/Change security Key in settings to make it less confusing.

Fixed issue when not logged in, but still having the game open, connects you to chat server still. This will now instead automatically redirect you back to login page.

Performance updates and auto gains

07 October 2020

Now, by default every new player starts with 50 autos.

Any player who had under 50 auto's now has 50. Anyone with over 50 was awarded an additional 20 auto's.

Performance enhancements were made throughout the game. I found a query that was inefficient and made some changes to make it a lot better.

Top list page now loads 225x faster.

Attacks now load 35% faster.

Initial page load speed is 25% faster.



During this update, I created a bug with Andvaranaut not providing its gold boost. This has been fixed.


06 October 2020

Chat channel notifications will now only show up to 100 unread messages as thats the maximum message size of a channel.

Added a delay to map movement to prevent spamming the buttons.

Fixed bug upon login not showing all private messages while offline.

Removed check for if beast has less than 0 hp on the moster lists. It will now show beast until they're marked "dead". This is to circumvent a race condition when multiple people attack beasts simultaneously.

Changed market minimum price to 1, down from 2 since the taxes have now been abolished.

Fixed a minor chat bug that will say you cant send an empty message, when in fact it has sent a message successfuly.

Beast resets will now work in the same way that daily resets work. You'll get a system message saying you're able to relog to reset your beast kills. This was another race condition issue. If you were doing an action at the same time your beasts were reset, one action would override the other potentially causing your beast count not to reset.

Db maintenance done and deleted 27.8 million rows unneeded of logs.

SSD Capacity on server increased.

6 new features and 16 fixes to administration tools.

Chat Fixes

29 September 2020

Market sale messages no longer persist as they are a personal message that were getting saved, meaning everyone could see them.

Private messages now go to top of chat like they should, not bottom, when you first log in.

Added checks to see if a user is actually online when being accepted to alliance, or when leaving/being kicked. There was an error if user wasn't online when adding/removing them from alliance chat (because they weren't there).

All the things!

28 September 2020

Changed referral diamond gains message to be a pm rather than a system message so that it persists until read.

Fixed rank gender titles not showing in chat correctly.

Abolished Market Taxes.

chat persistance for public messages. Private messages still only persist until read. Group (alliance) or personal messages (like an item drop) do not yet persist. Plan to make these additional messages persist in the near future.

Reduced Valkyrie Shard cost for beast count reductions/resets by 1.

Several spelling mistakes and grammar fixed.

23 Features, changes and fixes to admin related tools.

Alliances (Basic, Phase 1)

  • Create an alliance
  • Apply to join alliances
  • Leaders can Accept/Deny applicants
  • Leaders can Kick members or Disband Alliance
  • Alliance specific group chat

It was requested that I release Alliances in phases rather than all at once, like I did with settlements. This first phase just has the basic functionality listed above, but serves no real  purpose just yet.


16 September 2020

Event and sale set up for the weekend 18th-20th September for the norse holiday Fallfeast (Autumn Equinox).

Moar Powah!

10 September 2020

This morning I have added an additional 2 CPU cores to the server.

Subscription and other changes

09 September 2020

Chat error handling messages. If you get an error related to chat, it will now tell you if you need to refresh to get it going again. IE if you got disconnected from the chat server because it was rebooted.

Chat will attempt to reconnect automatically if disconnected from innactivity, but still logged in. Should only ever need to refresh if a message tells you so.

Market ~should~ have a better appearance on mobile now.

Server SSD Capacity increased as it had reached capacity and was causing issues when attempting to write new caches etc.

OS was updated to latest version.



Subscriptions last 30 days and contain many benefits.

  • 250 additional auto's.
  • Auto's perform 2 seconds faster.
  • Offline progression - Bonus Actions. Each Bonus Action does the following:
    1. 2x Exp/Gold.
    2. 2x diamond drop chance.
    3. 2x skill gain chance.
    4. Bonus actions are gained while offline and capped at the amount of auto's you have.
  • Overflow experience is kept (won't level multiple times).
  • 15 additional diamonds for log in bonus per day (450 total per 30 days, must be above level 1,000).
  • Star next to name in chat.

Explanation to why I'm adding this: With the ever increasing population of the game, comes increasing costs for the server. To stem this, I am offering this subscription as a way to directly contribute the server costs. The way I'd like to see it work is that subscriptions would pay server cost and diamond purchases would cover the costs for software licensing, advertising and general upkeep.

And some really cool benefits come with it too!

Chat patch

28 August 2020

Some minor changes to chat have been made.

  • Issue fixed when going to other game pages causes your last action time to update. This meant that people sometimes got an attacked too quickly message when they shouldnt have.
  • Added a display next to the channel for if there are new, unread, messages within a channel.
  • Lots of code tidying/optimisations.

Other changes made - non-player affecting:

  • SqlMainDomLock unusable when configured via appSettings
  • Scheduled content leads to SQL error when rebuilding cache
  • OnMemberRefreshedEntity stores data as published rather than edited
  • Fixed Nasty Exception with Scope/Provider - when indexing data
  • Remove the usage of Parallel to run the populators
  • Adjustments for SqlMainDomLock and others to make operations more resilient