Valkyries Fall


New and improved chat

25 August 2020

New chat functionality was released today. It is a vast improvement on the previous version. This will reduce CPU loads, and increase game performance. Completely removes any chat based database transactions happening as well because it's no working using websockets and is a truly live end to end chat.

Noticable changes:

Multiple chat channels to split the chat up into relevant rooms.

removes /e and /a commands as they're no longer needed. (may reinstate /e at a later date)

PM's will now persist until you have read them. If you're not online when they're sent, you get the PM when you log on.

Removed the setting for amount of chat items. everyone currently see's 100 lines per channel. May reinstate this at a later date.

PM's will go to multiple channels so you should always see them. As do system messages. Chatting in main/trade/help will only appear in that channel, unless using /m.

Additions to market will go to trade channel. They have also have their messages tweaked slightly.j

Increased chat length to 240 characters, up from 160.


Several security updates were also made.

Another Settlement attack fix

09 August 2020

Thanks to a report from Motodragon, I was able to find another bug when attacking in settlements. If the defender had minimal thralls for their land, then when you successfully attacked you didn't steal enough away from them to cover for you new land total. This has been resolved.


08 August 2020

Now, when you enter the game for the first time, there is a little "tour". Teaching you what each part of the UI does.

This will also pop up for all current players too, but will only appear the one time.


I have made some fixes to attack thrall gains/losses thanks to a report from IWurfel. I hope this will be the end of it! If you're stuck in negatives somehow still, let me know!

More Tweaks to Settlements

06 August 2020

I have added the same timer that is on attacks (1 second) to the building upgrade, unit upgrade and boat building functions as your spammy fingers kept overloading the server.

Changed thrall display to show available/total counts.

Removed some lingering test print outs on some messages with unit upgrades.

Corrected spelling on one of the responses when attempting to upgrade units.

Unit release

05 August 2020

It is now possible to release units in settlements. Some people were maxing their units, leaving no thralls for exploration. With no-one they could attack, leaving them stuck.

So it's now possible to release some units to be able to buy land. However you do not get the thralls back, you'll have to get more from collect/raid.

Settlement Tweaks

04 August 2020

Changed attack range to 10% in either direction of your own land count.

Fixed issue with Thrall gains/losses during attacks.

Fixed an issue allowing you to build multiple settlements, even if only able to control 1 still.

Also fixed an issue where you could view more than 100 chat items by inputting a number more than 100 directly into the query.


03 August 2020

It's finally here. Settlements!

Settlements can be found in the actions menu.

I'm going to leave a lot of the details to be worked out by you guys. That's half the fun, right? I'll help you all get started though.

Land defines how many Thralls your settlement can hold.

Thralls can be trained into any of 5 units. Each unit has an advantage against one of the other unit types!

Land requires 1 Thrall per acre to maintain it.

There are 9 different buildings (8 currently available).

You can attack eachother and try and steal land, thralls and resources.

You can raid PvE places for resources. Note, this is the only way to gain silver without stealing it from someone else.

Enjoy figuring out the rest. :)

1000 Players

31 July 2020

Today marks the day that we reached 1,000 players for the game!

In celebration of that, for the next 10 days there will be double exp, gold and even skill drop rate!

Additionally there is also a 20% sale on all diamonds bought!

Much love, for you all. Haz.

Ps, settlements will drop in the next few days!

Minor changes

18 July 2020

I've reverted the chat update I did the other day. It was starting to hold way to many chat items.

Fixed an error with empty chat message erroring. This only affected mods and admins.

Fixed an error where Aggression skill wasn't automatically updating when it increased.

In some rare cases, it would say that you were autoing too fast. I've made some modifications to help prevent this.

Speaking of auto's... Those of you with long auto's sometimes have them stop. This would normally be due to a connection issue, either your side, or possibly also on the server. In an effort to stem this, auto's will now retry if it fails. It will retry a maximum of 5 times over the space of 30 seconds. It wont continuously try, as that can cause issues for the server. But will hopefully resolve auto's randomly stopping most of the time.

Minor adjustments

15 July 2020

With our massively improved servers, I've made a few adjustments for a better quality of life in the game.

Chat is now held for longer. Rather than keeping chat for 3 hours before archiving it, it's now 12.

I have turned back on the normal error logging. This was previously only set to track fatal errors because of the rubbish server. This will mean i can now (again) more easily track errors that you report and get accurate details of these errors.

Also fixed a few minor bugs in game:

  • Hitting submit on no action no longer locks the buttons without doing anything.
  • When a mission progresses, it now gives the correct number in the results.